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Super Spine Series

Super Spine Series

Low profile, lightweight vanes designed for extreme accuracy shooting long distance shots in the field, 3-D and hunting situations. Super Spine vanes create less wind drift to maintain a flatter trajectory. The 1.75” FITA is the smallest vane in the Super Spine line-up, weighing in at only 2.6 grains.

Color Options

1.75" FITA
0.32" high
2.60 grains
1.75" FITA»
1.8" Super Spine
0.38" high
3.30 grains
1.8" Super Spine»
2.3" Super Spine
0.38" high
4.10 grains
2.3" Super Spine»
3.0" Super Spine
0.38" high
6.00 grains
3.0" Super Spine»